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You only pay for court filing fees and for service of process, which will only be a few hundred dollars. But sometimes the steps involved and the paperwork is a little daunting.

You want guidance, but you do not need full representation. You just need someone to look over what you are filing and make sure it is ready to go.

Greensboro Legal Coaching Services

I get it. Hiring a family law attorney to handle your divorce can be expensive. Although I do everything possible to provide transparent, affordable pricing for legal services, I recognize that hiring a family law attorney may not always be financially possible. In fact, many individuals choose to handle family law matters without an attorney (also called pro se representation).

Regardless of your financial situation, I do recommend consulting a family law attorney to help you navigate your divorce, child custody hearing, and other family law related matters. That is why I created legal coaching - a low cost alternative for individuals who don't want full legal representation but would like guidance on what to expect and how to protect their interests during a divorce.

What is Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching is a newer form of legal representation that provides you, the client, with the tools and information you need to successfully handle a divorce on your own. Rather than paying an hourly fee to an attorney to file paperwork or represent you in court, legal coaching prepares you to complete these legal tasks on your own.

But that does not mean you are on your own. As a legal coaching client, I will guide you through the legal process so that you will know what to expect at each stage of the process.

What are the Benefits of Legal Coaching for Divorce?

For clients typically priced out of traditional legal services, legal coaching provides an alternative to paying hourly attorney fees. Legal coaching costs less than full-service legal representation, making it a more affordable option for individuals going through divorce.

In addition, legal coaching puts you in the best position to represent yourself in your divorce case. Standing up against opposing counsel can be intimidating, and advocating for your rights in court is difficult when you do not know what to expect. Legal coaching gives you the knowledge, vocabulary, and skill set required to effectively handle your case from start to finish.

Ultimately, though, legal coaching outs you in total control over your case. With legal coaching, you are ultimately responsible for the way in which your case is handled. This experience can be empowering, especially when you have received training from an experienced divorce attorney.

Is Legal Coaching Right For Me?

Legal coaching is not for everyone. If you have significant assets, such as multiple homes, investment properties, or a business, then your interests will be best protected by traditional legal representation. If you have limited assets, or you are not able to afford a divorce attorney at regular rates, then legal coaching may be a great option.

Whether legal coaching is right for you or not is entirely dependent on the specific facts of your case. Before deciding to hire a divorce attorney or pursue legal coaching, you should speak with an experienced divorce attorney to discuss the benefits and risks associated with legal coaching.

I Am Getting Divorced. When Should I Start Legal Coaching?

If you are considering a divorce, or if you have already been served with divorce papers, it is never too early to explore legal options available to you. Whether you already have questions about your case, or you simply don't know where to start, Abogada Abigail is here to help.

At Abogada Abigail, I offer free, no obligation consultations. All you need to do is call my office or use the form on the contact page. From there, we will schedule a time to discuss your case and determine the best legal strategy for your case.

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If you are interested in legal coaching, I am happy to sit down with you, go over your case, and then share the proper documents and the steps to get it filed. Some of the documents require that you sign them in front of a notary, and you can have that done in our office, too. Get started today by using the button below.

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En Camino Law nos enfocamos en ayudar a los hispanohablantes con lesiones por accidentes automovilísticos, divorcios, multas de tránsito e inmigración, y estamos aquí para escucharlo y ayudarlo a navegar por el sistema legal.

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En Camino Law nos enfocamos en ayudar a los hispanohablantes con lesiones por accidentes automovilísticos, divorcios, multas de tránsito e inmigración, y estamos aquí para escucharlo y ayudarlo a navegar por el sistema legal.